C# Script Manual for Unity GameDev

In these articles, I'll be sharing my development on my book: "C# Script Manual for Unity GameDev", which fellow Indie Game Dev's will have a book with a lot of C# codes to help them code a full game!


Hello IndieDev's

As requested by some persons, I have decided to keep you all posted on the developments of the book itself, but starting with an article should help set the pace.

This book, C# Script Manual for Beginner Unity Dev's is under developments that should be completed by mid October hopefully, as this book isn't about just writing code, but also about presenting it in a way that person's who hate programming or students can be able to tolerate and open the book and feel relieved about using it to help them subconsciously learn more about programming in C# for Game Development in 2D.


Layout Design

The book's structure is presenting each script in categories that developers can then look through to find what type of code they want for there project. For example:

  • Player - Player_Controller.cs, Jump.cs, PlayerAttacking.cs
  • Enemy - Movement.cs, Attacking.cs,

So once a developer knows what code they need to find, they can look into the category and for the script once it's included.

The book will not only have original codes not found through any tutorials on youtube, but will also have code that are improved on from famous Tutors on the Platform like BrackeysBlackthornProdSpeedTutor just to name a few...

I have attached a link to download 2 of these codes that you can add to your projects, and also to give you an idea of what useful codes will be included in it.