About my game - Viking INC

Ashort introduction about my game


hie guys

i hope you are good just wanted to share a few vids (2 actually) about my game(currently in development) called viking inc. its a third person shooter that has three characters. each character has their own story. i initially started with one character which prompted me to make this 'unofficial trailer'



here are some early in game  concepts i was working on

Concept 1



but then it still felt a bit empty to me so i decided to add more characters so its like how they set up in battlefield 5 where u have different stories. it hasnt been easy coz im working on a veeeery low budget but i believe with the few resources i have i can still make something awesome. trying my best to market the game, i did a dev vid a few days ago;



any and all help on how i can get the game noticed and how i can improve will be much appreciated coz im a solo developer so i might miss a few important things. will post more stuff soon and hopefull i can get feedback from you guys.