C# Script Manual for Unity GameDev part 2

I post Updates and give logs to the development of the programming manual for Unity Game Development for beginner Devs, get feedback and share difficulties experienced while working on the book.


Hey Everyone,

As soon as the book was made mention on Instagram today, Thursday, September 19, a lotta person told me they were more than ready, rather wanting to purchase the book right away!

This at least tells me that what I'm doing is a good thing and persons really want this book to be made. It currently has 14 scripts as I've recently added another one to the collection, however, the book itself hasn't really been written up in word as yet, which I will begin sometime this week to get all the other information that will be going in alongside the codes.

I will be posting a link to get some in on what you, as a developer would like to see included in the book as a beginner.

The goal is to have a programming book that persons will have the comfort or luxury of carrying around with them with powerful codes to help shape their games into becoming something really enjoyable!

But that's just size n' design. What about content?

What would you expect the book to be covering, and what you think might not be a good fit.

I will be posting a link to a survey to get your feedback and responses if you want to share anything else feel free to comment on this blog too!


Difficulties Facing

Some of the difficulties I'm currently facing with writing this book is caused by my focus being divided between Animation, Training Persons in Animation and my courses that I do Online in preparation for the Unity Certified User: Programmer Exam.

I'm hoping to get it done in March of next year if God wills it, but although I am doing these courses for the Unity exam I'm hardly creating any code that could be added to the collection to add to the book. So that's why I'm trying to and will be getting feedback from persons who want to suggest some code scripts to include.


The other issue is that I'm mostly focusing on the Animation Quadrant of my company and growing our audiences, that made the Game Development Quadrant creeping with the projects I'm doing and as such doesn't allow for me to produce the different types of code to add to the book.


Expected DUE DATE

Hopefully, I can get the book together, create and add all the codes to the book and have it ready for distribution by November. If this is not possible, however, I'll be sure to notify all of you whether through my Instagram page @cleowillo or here on IndieGoXYZ.


With that being said, everyone do take care until another post.