Dark Lori Adventure Origins

Here's how Dark Lori Adventure started from Classic to Alpha


Four months ago, I opened Gamemaker, wanting to make a platformer. I had hundreds of ideas, but they were too big, so I opened a tutorial and started copying the code while learning...

After 2 weeks I thought I didn't need tutorials anymore, big mistake. My game became unplayable, that was the 1st Dark Lori Adventure.


I decided to start fresh with game jams, but I didn't like it, and so I opened a new Gamemaker file and found a new tutorial...I learned a lot during this time, in July I made a Twitter account and started posting my progress. Then I posted my game on Itch.io and Gamejolt, updating it constantly.


The game is still in alpha, and soon you'll be able to support me, but for now, you just have to wait.wink