C# Script Manual for Unity GameDev part 3

In this blog post, I share with you the prospects of the Programming Manual, a new collaboration for the success of the book and even a Previz Simulation that you can all try on your own


Hey everyone, good day to you all.

I'm here yet again to share some more development on the Programming Manual for Unity Game Development with you all.


I have always been networking with and just generally communicating with other Indie GameDev's on Instagram and Twitter. One of these dev's that I've really come to admire deeply and would love to work with is helping me to produce the different base code that will be provided in the book for dev's-of-interest to have more power at there fingertips!


Book Features Details

The book will be created in such a way that there will be 3 main sections to it:

The scripts - The scripts that the book was originally designed for will have all the codes grouped into categories so that you can easily find the type of script that you will incorporate into your game.


Menu Scripts, Player Controller Scripts, AI scripts.

The Fundamentals - These will include jargons and other terms that are closely related to programming for Game Development and more specifically Unity

The Learning - Getting documents, and even classes from my syllabus provided by Unity for learning C# programming for K-12 schools group, I will try to incorporate lessons, quiz and exercises that can be helpful in understanding and developing your skills as a programmer or programmer to be for game dev.


I have created a Previs Simulation of the Programming Manual completed with 1 of the scripts to give you an idea of its contents structuring and for you to interact with it and give me feedback on what to add to the book or make it better.

 Here is the .exe file that you can install and scroll through the book yourself to get a deepeer feedback out of you to share with me!


The plan is to have a book with more than just the code, a book that can continuously pique your interest while helping you to build your game, and intrigue you to read it when not building your game.

So interesting it is and will be that even Spiderman's reading it! lol