Game Dev Practice 101

In Davis's own experience leading in endless practice brings more than repetition but mastery.


Let's cut to the chase here are the steps:


  1. 1.Make a basic ball rolling game like the one from Unity with any game Engine of your choice.
  2. 2.Rinse and repeat the course over multiple times. The same way it looks like in this course. So devs can learn keeping projects the same quality throughout courses. In other words, learn to make templates exactly similar.
  3. 3.Keep copying original templates the same way as the tutors did. When you learned enough in the first version, make another new version with more coding, 3d modeling and Animations. Keep the 2nd version the same with more features than the first. But make sure it's playable and completed.
  4. 4.Rinse and repeat all original different versions progressing from 1- 4 and so on the same way. So you can remember how to code, program, model, animate by heart. I guarantee it's going to be a whole lot easier to start your projects.
  5. 5.Developers still need physical notes on c#, c++, java or any choice. Learn to read and write code on paper taking notes anywhere. If nobody but you can read your notes? That's to bad? Only you can read your own notes. Write slowly with quality. With mixes containing traditional notes with digital notes memorizing while traveling.
  6. 6.Trace the old projects to the same version with newer engines. Why? Because files may be corrupted? 3D modelers can print screen levels with top, left, right, front back view. Importing these references any 3D modeling software choice. Modeling them way better cleaner than before for this example. Not just in 3D but in everything throughout game development. Do you want devs handing out rusty games that may be corrupted? Heck na! Trace them in new game engines of any kind. So your game build runs smooth and clean. Bruce Lees once said, "Become like water my freind."
  7. 7.Once you are tired of mastering a ball rolling game? Master other genres in Unity with any game engine. If it's hard to follow and unity tutorial with any game engine? Go to YouTube and type "GameEngineName_FeatureName_ScriptNameOrBluePrintName" . Finding out if this video may help you out?

Yes, this will change your thinking of game development. Everyone should know in order to be a master? Would it be practice? In my own take on practice would be Practice-Experimentations-Mastery-NoteTaking-RenseRepeat-BuildOldNewVersions and TraceYourProjects.