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indieGo.xyz Philosophy

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” - Earl Nightingale

Many times I found myself researching and sharing notions, experiences and desires on programming related in particular to game development.

Many times I ended up in this or that forum linked to some famous game engine finding answers often not impartial, not for little objectivity on the part of those who gave it but rather for the fact that the forum was going to catalyze experiences related to a specific game engine.

No one can have experience of everything and therefore those who attended the X game engine forum were there because of their choice that they justified on the basis of their experience with the selected engine. Going then into the Y game engine forum, I found conflicting tips with people describing qualities of the game engine of their choice.

Putting the pieces together was not always simple and certainly not funny and above all did not give back the feeling of being part of a "family" of people with the same passion and with the same goal rather than being part of somehow antagonistic teams.

I started to feel the need for a website where I could: To discuss in a place where everyone could bring their own experience without feeling "outside the home". It would not have been a means of dividing those who had much more in common. Share passion, desires and dreams with people who could understand this "driving force" and at the same point could be a place of motivation during the inevitable "dark" moments of development that perhaps makes you wonder about giving it up Finding articles, workarounds, solutions, ideas, resources for development and where to share experiences Being able to show my progress in programming and game development or show my new game to everyone with the same passion

Some of these points are more suited to a social footprint, others to a type of forum, others to a blog while others to wiki platforms.

From this kaleidoscope of "necessity" comes the idea of ​​indieGo.xyz, a platform that can respond to the needs of sharing, motivation, exchange, knowledge ...

Clearly there is no presumption that everything is already realized and indeed, what is being born is nothing but a cocoon, the nascent egg of that process whose last stage, the butterfly, is by no means certain and obvious.

But everything must have a beginning and, as Earl teaches in the quote I took as an example of everything, stopping because of the climb will certainly not lead to any good result. Time will not stop and wait.

Ah...and finally...yes, a place where, like any person who spends hours developing software, to find something that made me immediately feel at home...a dark theme!