Terms of Use

Declaration of rights and responsibilities

This "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" relating to indieGo.xyz governs our relationship with users and anyone interacting with indieGo.xyz, as well as with all related brands, products and services that pertain to indieGo.xyz, below defined as "services of indieGo.xyz" or in general "Services". The use or access to the services of indieGo.xyz implies the acceptance of this "Declaration of rights and responsibilities" and related updates. For indieGo.xyz, user privacy is very important. We have compiled our Data Regulation to provide basic information on how to use the Services offered to share content with other people and how we collect and use people's content and information. We encourage users to read the Data Regulation and use it to make informed decisions. It is not permitted to reproduce or use the logo and banners of indieGo.xyz without prior consent.

Sharing of content and information

The user is the owner of all content and information published on indieGo.xyz and can control the way they are shared through the privacy settings and application settings. Furthermore: As regards content protected by intellectual property rights, such as photos and videos ("IP"), the user grants us the following authorizations, subject to privacy settings and application settings: the user provides us with a non-exclusive, transferable license, which can be granted as a sub-license, royalty-free and valid worldwide, which allows the use of IP Content published on indieGo.xyz or in connection with indieGo.xyz ("IP License") . The IP License ends when the user deletes his account or the Content subject to IP present in his account, unless such content has been shared with third parties and they have not been deleted. When the user deletes them, Content subject to IP may not be deleted instantly. It is possible in fact that the contents removed are kept as backup copies for a certain period of time (although not visible to others). When the user publishes content or information using the "Publish" setting, he grants everyone, even people who are not registered with indieGo.xyz, to access and use this information and to associate it with his profile (ie his name and to his profile picture). User comments or suggestions regarding indieGo.xyz are always welcome. However, the user must be aware of the fact that we could use them without any obligation to compensate them (in the same way that the user is not obliged to provide them). Do not use third party copyrighted material. IndieGo.xyz disclaims any responsibility for the use of material by users and invites users who detect abnormal behavior to promptly report the violation to indieGo.xyz.


We make every effort to ensure that indieGo.xyz is a secure site, but it cannot be guaranteed in advance. We need users to help protect the safety of indieGo.xyz, or that they commit to: not publishing unauthorized commercial communications on indieGo.xyz; not to collect user content or information, or otherwise access indieGo.xyz using automated tools (eg. bots) without prior authorization from indieGo.xyz; not take illegal multi-level marketing actions, such as pyramid schemes, on indieGo.xyz; do not load viruses or other harmful codes; do not try to obtain access information or access other users' accounts; not to denigrate, intimidate or annoy other users; not to publish miners, pornography, hate speech or violence or images of nude or explicit or free violence; not develop or manage third-party applications with alcohol-related content, dating services or in any case aimed at an adult audience (including advertising) without indicating the due age restrictions; do not use indieGo.xyz for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory purposes; do not take actions that could prevent, overload or compromise the correct functioning or appearance of indieGo.xyz; not to encourage or encourage non-compliance with this Statement or our regulations. We invite anyone who finds anomalous behavior in this regard to report it to indieGo.xyz promptly so that it is possible to intervene.

Registration and account security

We encourage users of indieGo.xyz to provide their real name and information and invite everyone to do the same. With regards to registration and in order to guarantee the security of your account, the user undertakes: not to provide false personal information on indieGo.xyz or to create an account on behalf of another person without authorization; do not create multiple personal accounts; do not create another account without our authorization, if the original account is disabled; do not use your personal diary mainly for commercial profits; do not use indieGo.xyz if you are under 13; make sure that your contact information is always correct and up to date; not share your password or your key in the case of API or allow other people to access your account or perform any other action that could put at risk the security of your account; do not transfer your account to third parties without the prior written permission of indieGo.xyz. If you select a username or similar identifier for your account, we reserve the right to remove it or claim it, if appropriate (for example, if a trademark owner complains that a username is unrelated direct with the user's real name).

Protection of third party rights

We respect the rights of third parties and expect the user to do the same. It is forbidden to publish or perform actions on indieGo.xyz that do not respect the rights of third parties or the laws in force. We reserve the right to remove all content or information that users post on indieGo.xyz, in cases where it is believed that they do not comply with this "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" or our regulations. If we have eliminated content because they did not respect the copyright of third parties, and the user who published them believes that it is an error, the latter has the possibility of communicating it through the specific contact form. If you do not repeatedly respect the intellectual property rights of third parties, we will disable your account in cases where we deem it appropriate. You will not use copyright or trade marks of indieGo.xyz or similar symbols that can create confusion, unless expressly permitted. If a user collects information from other users, he must: obtain their authorization, specify that he / she (and not indieGo.xyz) collect the information and publish his own privacy legislation that explains what information he collects and how he uses it. It is forbidden to publish identity documents or confidential financial information on indieGo.xyz.

Mobile phones and other devices

The mobile services we currently provide are free. In case of modification or deactivation of the mobile number, the user undertakes to update the information on his indieGo.xyz account within 48 hours in order to prevent his messages being sent to the new holder of the old number.


We will inform you before making any changes to these conditions and we will provide you with the opportunity to read and comment on the modified conditions before continuing to use our Services. The uninterrupted use of the services of indieGo.xyz following the communication of the modifications made to our conditions, regulations or guidelines constitutes the implicit acceptance of the modified conditions, regulations or guidelines.


If the actions of the user do not respect the form and substance of this "Statement of Rights and Responsibilities" or create legal risks for the company, we reserve the right to discontinue the provision of part or all indieGo services. xyz towards the user himself. We will send you an e-mail notification or we will notify you at the next attempt to access your account. The user can delete his account at any time.


In the event that claims are made against us regarding actions, contents or user information on indieGo.xyz, the user undertakes to indieGo.xyz from and against any damage, loss or expense of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) arising from such claim. Even if we provide rules for the conduct of users, we do not control or guide users' actions on indieGo.xyz and we are not responsible for the content or information that users transmit or share on indieGo.xyz. We are not responsible for information or content that is offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or otherwise deplorable on indieGo.xyz. We are not responsible for the conduct, both online and offline, of indieGo.xyz users. We undertake to keep active, error-free and safe, but the user accepts to use it at your own risk. indieGo.xyz is provided as is, without any express or implied warranty. we cannot guarantee that indieGo.xyz will always be safe or error-free or that it will always work without interruptions, delays or imperfections. indieGo.xyz is not responsible for the actions, contents, information or data of third parties, so we are raised by any claim or damage, known or unknown, arising from or related to any addressed complaints against third parties.